Trademark Registration Certificates in India now generated and issued automatically.

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Office of the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademarks [CGPDT] issued public notice on 28/07/2016 announced that the process relating to generation & issuance of registration certificates for applications made for registration of trademarks has been fully automated.

Accordingly, from 1st august 2016 the trademark registration certificates will be generated through an automated system in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trade Marks Act & Rules and made available to the applicants concerned or their authorised agents on record, in respect of all trademark applications-

  • which have been published in the Trade Marks Journal Number 1720 dated 23.11.2015 and thereafter,
  • where no request for amendment filed on behalf of the applicant is pending for disposal,
  • where the copy of original application for registration is available in the Trade Marks Registry’s electronic database,
  • where no requirement (like fee, Power of Attorney, etc.) is pending for compliance on part of the applicant , and
  • which have not been specifically prohibited for registration by the order of any court, IPAB or any competent authority.

The Registration certificate so generated will be transmitted to the applicant concerned or his authorized agent on record on his email address recorded with this office and shall also be made available on the official website ( along with status of the application concerned. The Registration certificate made available on the website may be downloaded and printed as desired by the applicant.

Cases which are left out by the automated registration process due to aforesaid reasons will be processed as per law by the Registration wing of the Examination Publication and Registration Section of the Trade Marks Registry, Mumbai through the present Trade Marks System on case to case basis.

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